Professional Development at Research for Better Teaching

Research- and Standards-Based Professional Learning

Our professional development programs bring to life the research on adult learning, change theory, and professional learning standards (Learning Forward, 2011) by:

  • Fostering professional community by providing a common language for talking about teaching and developing strategies for strengthening adult professional culture and teacher collaboration¬†
  • Developing leaders at all levels in schools and district who are tireless advocates for students and high-expertise teaching
  • Using data to plan, monitor, and evaluate professional development, guide school and district-decision-making, continuously adjust instruction, and achieve outcomes for students
  • Supporting implementation by planning with you for what happens before, during, and after RBT programs; ensuring adequate follow-up; and engaging in long-term partnerships to strengthen structures and systems that sustain improvement ¬†
  • Employing learning designs that honor adult learners by modeling high-expertise teaching, offering choice, connecting learning directly to practice, and making effective use of virtual as well as face-to-face learning experiences¬†

"The Skillful Teacher wasn’t just about how to teach. It gave us a common way of thinking about teaching and learning and experiencing it together across the district.”

Jerry Weast -- Former Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland