Professional Development at Research for Better Teaching

Focus on What Matters Most

In 40 years of serving schools, RBT has never strayed from its laser-focus on strengthening, spreading, and sustaining skillful teaching through high-quality professional development. That’s the best way we know to provide all of our children – regardless of circumstance – with a fair chance at a good life.

We approach our work with schools and districts with the greatest respect for what educators know and for the complexity of teaching. And we know that the schools that do the best for students are engines for continuous professional learning about high-expertise teaching and leading. RBT inspires educators to never stop learning about how to improve their practice and their students’ achievement.


"Of all the things that are important to having good schools, nothing is as important as the teacher and what the person knows, believes, and can do.”

Saphier, Haley-Speca, Gower, The Skillful Teacher (2008)