Professional Development at Research for Better Teaching

Critical Friends

Most RBT clients have been with us for many years – some for a decade or more.

High-impact professional learning requires strong partnerships between providers, schools and districts, and other organizations and agencies engaged with schools. At RBT, those partnerships are built one relationship at a time and over time. RBT staff and consultants do not just deliver workshops. They act as critical friends and partners who listen, encourage, question, and, occasionally, prod and push. As we design and deliver professional development, RBT staff and consultants partner with you to:

  • Understand your goals, needs, systems, people, and language
  • Align RBT programs with your educator evaluation systems and professional and student-learning goals
  • Negotiate shared commitments and success requirements up front 
  • Customize professional development programs to your context and participants
  • Coordinate with other providers to offer a coherent approach
  • Collaborate in monitoring satisfaction, implementation, and results