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Laminated Guide: Data Literacy for Teachers


Nancy Love

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For every teacher, Data Coach, and inquiry team. In a fold-out 8.5" x 11" laminated form, ready to be inserted in a notebook, it provides a simple framework to help teachers feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and skilled in effectively using a variety of data, including formative assessments. When teachers are data literate, there is a marked improvement in teaching and learning. Written by school data expert, Nancy Love, this guide provides a simple framework for:

  • Strengthening data literacy
  • Moving away from over-reliance on state assessments
  • Demonstrating how data can have an immediate and direct impact on instruction and achievement
  • Identifying other kinds of data that can be analyzed individually and with colleagues, their purposed and frequency.

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Laminated Guide
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Laminated Guide: Data Literacy for Teachers