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More Than Numbers: Improving School Culture and Student Performance Through Data Online (22-202) - Without Coaching


Friday, Oct 1, 2021
Self-paced online course; rolling enrollment


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More Than Numbers: Improving School Culture and Student Performance Through Data -  Online Course

Research for Better Teaching has partnered with Momenta to develop an online course about using literacy data to target instruction that meets students' needs and enhances academic success. This course not only walks you through the tools for effective data analysis and tracking student progress, but also provides guidance on how to build an adult professional culture of rich, open discussion and deep collaboration.

This is a self-paced online course comprised of 11 units, which include video examples, photos, readings, reflections, assignments, and checks for understanding. The 11 units cover an initial introduction to the course, a review of the data behind the Momenta method, and guidance for how to support an open adult professional culture. This is followed by detailed steps for analyzing and using the data throughout the year to drive instruction. 

"The More Than Numbers course gives you a clear picture of the data process through explanatory videos, videos of real teachers in action, and multiple hands-on activities.  The course engages and motivates you to take a closer look at your data and to connect with others to collaboratively plan how to meet each student’s needs.  You leave the course with a better understanding of your data and, more importantly, knowing what to do with the data once you have it.  This course truly has so much to offer a school and district." 

Susan Terban
Interim Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Saugus Public Schools, Saugus, MA

There are two options for taking the course: With and Without Coaching

  • The With Coaching version is 50 hours and is eligible for 3 graduate credits, continuing education units (CEUs) or 67.5 Professional Development Points (PDPs) (in MA only).  If the participant opts for graduate credits, an additional cost of $385 is required, which will be payable directly to the issuing university. This version includes a mid-course and end of course project and participants receive feedback on assignments from our MTN coach, Grace Marie Greeno.  The course should be completed within four months. Cost per particiant: $575
  • The version Without Coaching is 35 hours and is eligible for continuing education units (CEUs) or 20 Professional Development Points (PDPs) (in MA only). The course should be completed within three months. Cost per participant: $375

"I strongly feel that this course is set up for success! The way the material is presented (explanations, materials, videos showing the steps in action, activities and quizzes) is done perfectly so that there is little question about what to do next. The way the facilitator of the course can communicate back and forth through the portal is helpful and leads to deeper learning of the material. The content itself is clear and makes implementing this process with staff feel like something you can do successfully. I highly recommend this course for both its ease of use and the content you will gain from it!"

Michelle Michaud
Assistant Principal and Supervisor of Data, Lawrence Public Schools Lawrence, MA

To register larger groups of teachers, please call (978) 893-0109 or email to reach an RBT Client Services Representative who can assist you with your registration.