Overview of Modules: Purpose and Goals

Time: 2:32

This introductory video outlines Research for Better Teaching’s purpose in offering this series, which is to make vital lessons and practical tools for unleashing the power of data to improve teaching and learning widely available. Schools that have implemented the approach to data use which we feature in these modules have done just that! They have made significant gains in student achievement, narrowed achievement gaps, improved instruction, and strengthened collaborative cultures.

The goals of the three modules in this introductory package are:

  • Module 1: An Urgent Call to Action: To create a sense of urgency about the moral imperative to put data to work to meet the needs of each and every child.
  • Module 2: Bridging the Data Gap: To engage your thinking about a theory of action that explains how data use leads to improved instruction, greater equity, and improved results.
  • Module 3: A Framework for Collaborative Inquiry: To bring to life a framework for collaborative inquiry, a structured process that Data Teams use to identify a common goal and then generate and test out solutions together, making skillful use of data and reflective dialogue. You will see each of the five components of collaborative inquiry in action and learn about the core tools that make Data Teams productive.

Reflect and Dialogue: 

  1. Which of the above goals relates most directly to the needs of your school or district?
  2. What challenges have you confronted as you have worked with school data?
  3. What do you hope to learn from this video series?

Video Category: 

  • Skillful Data Use
  • The Skillful Data Use Series