Making Thinking Visible and Classroom Climate

"The Repeating Decimal" 

Middle School Mathematics (DeAngelo-KIPP Lynn, MA)      Time: 6:30

Ms. DeAngelo has a total class Q & A about repeating decimals in which she is checking for understanding with many students; but we simultaneously see her demonstrating the behaviors of Making Thinking Visible in the way she handles the discussion and connects students with their thinking and with each other.  

Consider the following activities for application of this video's content:

  • Watch this clip with colleagues and see if together you can identify the precise moments where she makes moves to make student thinking visible. Use the 22 Verbal Behaviors document. 
  • Find a teacher in your school who is practicing this strategy.  Videotape that teacher and have colleagues watch and discuss the lesson using 22 Verbal Behaviors.
  • Print out the 22 Verbal Behaviors document and distribute to teachers. Have teachers observe each other and give feedback on the use of 22 Verbal Behaviors.

For more information refer to p. 194-202 of the Clarity chapter and from p. 328 of the Classroom Climate chapter in The Skillful Teacher.

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