Inquiry-Oriented Lesson "Division by a Fraction"

(Scherrer-VanNuys, CA)     Time: 24:51

A carefully designed progression of activities allows students to experience the meaning of division by a fraction in multiple ways. Mr. Scherrer doesn't even use the phrase "division by a fraction" until near the end of the lesson. This video shows the architecture of such a lesson and the kind of interactions a teacher has with students to ensure they interact productively with one another when "Inquiry" is the orientation to learning. 

Consider the following activities for application of this video's content:

  • Print out the Steps of Inquiry-Based Lessons for each teacher in your group.  Have a discussion about how one would incorporate this information into current teaching practice. 
  • Pair up teachers to plan and implement an inquiry-based lesson.  Partners observe each other and give feedback on which steps in the template occurred.

For more information refer to the Models of Teaching chapter in The Skillful Teacher.

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