How to Observe a Class

Skills for Coaches, Administrators, and Peer Observers

Time: 29:55

Performing a good observation of a class is a nuanced task that requires keen skills and more than just a checklist.  This video outlines the steps to do to perform a successful observation of a class that gathers data on student learning. It includes what to look for, what kinds of interactions to have during the class, what form of notes to take, and how to prepare for the conference after the class.

Consider the following activities for application of this video's content:

  • Print out all of the support documents for this video. Have a discussion about incorporating this information into current observation practice. 
  • Ask a teacher if you can videotape him or her teaching a lesson.  Use this video in a professional development setting to practice writing observation notes and delivering feedback. Pair up administrators to observe and take notes, with special attention to gathering data on the students√≠ tasks and how they are doing with them.

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  • Skillful Leadership