Framing the Learning: Criteria for Success

(Nichol-Brockton, MA)     Time: 18:25

This video further extends the Framing the Learning discussion by introducing the criteria for success.  Criteria for success are the qualities that must be present for performances and products to meet the standards and be deemed successful.  In this video, Katie Nichol and her second grade class develop a list of criteria that describe a successful pictograph.

Consider the following activities for application of this video's content:

  • Have teachers view this clip and discuss the applicability of using these steps in their content area.
  • Distribute a copy of the Criteria for Success Action Template to each teacher. Have them complete it independently and then pair up for additional feedback and support. 

For more information refer to pp. 168, 376-378, and 438-440 in The Skillful Teacher. 

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