Checking For Understanding II "The One-Question Quiz"

High School Mathematics   (DeCraene-Evanston, IL)     Time: 7:20

This video shows how Mr. DeCraene uses a one-question quiz to gather information about his students' understanding of the relationship of two concepts. He then uses a brief student group sharing and student self-chosen revisions to clarify misunderstandings. These three steps are then followed by total group discussion to highlight key points and unscramble remaining confusions. 

Consider the following activities for application of this video's content:

  • After viewing this clip, see if your group members can list the steps one-by-one that Mr. DeCraene does after giving the directions for the one-question quiz. These are steps aiming to increase student understanding and to give him data on who has confusions about what.
  • Have teachers read pp. 190-193 in The Skillful Teacher and then brainstorm different strategies for Checking for Understanding.

For more information refer to pp. 194-202 of the Clarity chapter in The Skillful Teacher.

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