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Characteristics of an Effective School District

Jon Saphier - July 2014: Professions with rigorous professional standards have nine characteristics. But certain conditions must be present in districts to make progress toward creating these characteristics.

How to Close Achievement Gaps

Jon Saphier - July 2014: Achievement gaps between white students and African-American, Latino, and poor white students is endemic in American society...Yet, hundreds of schools in this country serving disadvantaged children manage to get break-the-mold results...

Welcome to the NEW RBTeach.com

Research for Better Teaching is pleased to announce the launch of our new website.

"15 Minutes to a Transformed Lesson"

ARTICLE – August 2013, “15 Minutes to a Transformed Lesson” with accompanying video - By Jon Saphier in Learning Forward’s Journal of Staff Development.

“The Power of Observation: 5 Ways to Ensure Teacher Evaluations Lead to Teacher Growth”

INTERVIEW – Winter 2013 “The Power of Observation...

“Unleash the Power of Data Through Collaborative Inquiry”

INTERVIEW - Fall 2012, ...

"Do 'Consoling' Messages Hinder Math Achievement?"

ARTICLE - May/June 2012, by Laura Cooper, RBT Consultant - Published in the Harvard Education Letter Online Edition

"Carpe Diem: Implementing Our New Teacher Evaluation Regulations"

ARTICLE - Spring 2012, "Carpe Diem: Implementing...

"Investing in Evaluators: An Interview with Jon Saphier"

ARTICLE - February 2012, "Investing in...

"Coaching, Teaching Standards, and Feedback Mark the Teacher's Road to Mastery"

ARTICLE – August 2011, “Coaching, Teaching Standards, and...