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Adult Professional Culture (22-117) Virtual


Tuesday, Jul 27, 2021
Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021
Wednesday, Sep 29, 2021
This virtual course will model the effective use of both synchronous and asynchronous tools to promote an interactive and rich learning experience. Each day includes a 2-hour morning synchronous session, flexible time midday for asynchronous learning experiences, and a 2-hour afternoon synchronous session for continued learning, processing, and reflection. Registration closes on July 18, 2021 at midnight, or when seat capacity is reached.


9:00 AM to 3:00 PM



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This 3-day program is about the everyday behaviors of school leaders who build strong adult professional cultures (APC). It is a course for principals, assistant principals, team leaders, and instructional coaches.  Our learning at RBT, supported solidly by research, is that there will be no sustainable improvement in student results and no elimination of the achievement gap until leaders and teachers succeed in making strong the norms of behavior between adults. Many other elements of school practice count, and count heavily (good curriculum; community support; resources; school structures like induction and teacher leadership and common planning time; and others.) But no matter how well these important areas are structured, they will not accomplish on their own what we need for students unless the adults act as profiled on the other side. Trust is the foundation of everything we will do to strengthen culture and without it nothing much will happen. But once it is established, that trust translates over time into trust of one’s colleagues. How do successful leaders build that? Trust that what? What do they do in everyday behavior that results in it? We delve into these questions in considerable detail and give participants tools to self-assess and take action.


  • School leaders
  • Coaches
  • Team leaders 
  • Central office leaders, especially those who supervise principals, and designers of leader certification programs. 


As a result of taking this program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the principal elements of strong Adult Professional Culture (APC) and why they are essential for elevating student achievement and closing the achievement gap.
  • Use a repertoire of skills to build relationship trust. 
  • Effectively implement procedures and structures for growing the 12 norms of strong Adult Professional Culture (APC)

18 Hour Program, 3 Days

For questions, please contact us at or (978) 893-0109.




Participants completing all program requirements can optionally receive one graduate credit for an additional fee paid directly to the issuing university. Registration information will be given on day 1 of the course.


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