Professional Development at Research for Better Teaching

Karen Falkenberg

Karen has been an educator for nearly 30 years with experiences that include: teaching high school, designing and leading large and small education programs and initiatives, and designing and leading professional learning for thousands of educators. She serves as a faculty member at a university in their education department teaching undergraduates and graduate students. Karen directs a nationally recognized, award winning, summer learning program for middle school aged students. Karen's focus areas include developing Data Coaches and high-performing Data Teams, and using data to enhance student learning and impact school culture; Skillful Teaching to support pre-service, induction level, and veteran teachers; and Coaching teachers and instructional coaches. An area of expertise for her is science education. She conducts education research examining how mentoring and a sense of community impacts a student's self-concept, peer efficacy, and sense of belonging in a learning environment.

RBT Consultant