Professional Development at Research for Better Teaching

Caroline Tripp

Caroline has been a teacher, director of a Title IV program for gifted and talented, an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, a faculty member for the Boston Principal Fellows Program, and a lecturer for the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Her consulting work has included instructional and teacher leadership development, teaching in standards-based classrooms, curriculum planning, design and implementation of supervision and evaluation systems, and understanding and steering systemic change.  She is a co-author of The Skillful Leader: Confronting Mediocre Teaching (2000), The Skillful Leader II: Transforming Ineffective Teams: Maximizing Collaboration's Impact on Learning (2008), and Strengthening Teacher Evaluation: Taking Action to Improve Ineffective Instruction – The Skillful Leader III (2014.) Caroline has 40 years in education.

RBT Consultant Emeritus