Professional Development at Research for Better Teaching

Our Expertise

Skillful Teaching

The heart and soul of RBT is our expertise in teaching – starting 40 years ago with the publication of The Skillful Teacher (now into its seventh edition) and mushrooming into a range of professional development services, products, and publications that bring skillful teaching to life in rich and vivid detail. We define skillful teaching to include anything a teacher does that impacts the probability of intended learning. 
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Skillful Leadership

Early in its history, RBT realized that our efforts to improve teaching were doomed if schools and districts did not have skillful leaders who deeply understood instruction and were expert in a variety of tasks and skills to ensure the constant improvement of teaching. RBT offers an array of products and programs as well as customized consulting aimed at helping schools and districts develop skillful instructional leaders. 
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Skillful Data Use

Data offer us one of the powerful levers educators have to improve student achievement, and yet they remain woefully underutilized. To bridge the gap between the data that schools have and the results that they want for students, RBT partners with schools and districts to develop high-performing data teams and professional learning communities who are skilled in using data.
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Empowering Sustainable School Improvement