The Skillful Teacher Kindle Edition


This is the sixth edition of the “gold standard” textbook that has been used extensively in many colleges and school districts across the U.S. and in around the world for studying generic pedagogy. There is a newer edition available  Available as a Kindle eBook as a full book or four separate parts.  Order through from the Kindle store.

Complete Book                               List $48.95

Part 1 - Chapters 1-8                     List $21.95

Part 2 - Chapters 1-2, 9-11            List $21.95

Part 3 - Chapters 1-2, 12-14          List $21.95

Part 4 - Chapters 1-2, 15-20          List $21.95

Designed for both the novice and the experienced educator, The Skillful Teacher is a unique synthesis of the Knowledge Base on Teaching with powerful repertoires for matching teaching strategies to student needs. Designed as a practical guide for practitioners working to broaden their teaching skills, the book combines theory with practice and focuses on 18 critical areas of classroom performance. It has been deemed as a must for instructional coaches and mentors.

Notes to the Reader of the Kindle eBook Version of The Skillful Teacher

Research for Better Teaching wants to make your experience with our Kindle eBook as productive and pleasurable as possible. Here are a few comments to set expectations and to offer suggestions on how to have the best reading experience.

  • This textbook was converted from the original printed large-format two-column book and is therefore more complex than a regular novel or nonfiction book. There are numerous graphics throughout that do require some special handling.
  • We recommend that for the best viewing experience you consider one of the following as your primary reading platform: Kindle DX – larger 9.7” screen; Kindle Fire – can zoom in to magnify graphics; PC laptop/desktop, Apple Mac, or iPad with Kindle Reader
  • At the end of chapter, there are links to quizzes on the RBT website.  To be able to access them, you will need to download the Kindle Reader to your PC or Mac/iPad, or else use the Kindle Fire.
  • You may read it on other platforms, such as the smaller-format Kindles or Smartphones, but the graphics will be quite small.  If you do choose a smaller device, we suggest you consider downloading a Kindle Reader on your PC or Mac/iPad to see the graphics in larger format.
  • Note that you may view the book in two-column format using the Kindle Reader on your PC or Mac/iPad, but graphics will be larger in the single column format.
  • While the book index is included, the page numbers have no meaning in the Kindle eBook, so it is only provided to indicate the topics that are included in the book. Please use the Kindle search function or the links in the Table of Contents to locate particular book locations.

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