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How To Make Decisions That Stay Made


Jon Saphier, Tom Bigda-Peyton, Geoff Pierson

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Have you ever wondered the best ways to involve constituents in decision-making…and how to make sure the final decision is accepted even when there is no consensus?

Decision that affect how we teach, what we teach, how we spent our time and the conditions under which we work can make or break a school culture and a principal’s credibility. They break the culture if they create divisions and resentment or if the process gives the impression of favoritism and unfairness. They strengthen a culture if the members of the organization understand the process through which it was reached, feel fairly heard and consider the process legitimate.

This book brings together hard-won learning and decades of wisdom from principals, superintendents, and leaders at all levels of school organizations who find tricky issues landing in their laps. From start to finish, this short text will guide you through the thickets of many layered issues and players across the spectrum from passive sideliners to passionate advocates.

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How To Make Decisions That Stay Made