Professional Development at RBT

Skillful Teaching Module: Principles of Learning (21-112)


Saturday, Sep 12, 2020


8:33 AM to 3:33 PM


Research for Better Teaching
One Acton Place
Acton, MA 01720

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How can we design learning experiences to maximize student engagement and increase the rate and durability of learning for students? This is the focus question for a one-day exploration of 24 research-based principles of learning that can be applied and embedded in everyday lesson design. We will consider principles related to designing for cognitive impact and designing for motivational impact, as well as technical principles of design and principles impacting attention and engagement. 




Deborah Reed is the Executive Vice President and a senior educational consultant with RBT. She has worked with schools and organizations across the US and internationally on topics ranging from supporting high expertise teaching, school culture, and leadership development, to creating...Full Bio