Professional Development at RBT

Skillful Facilitation (SF 19-102)


Monday, Jul 23, 2018 to Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018
+ one follow-up webinar to be scheduled in the fall


8:30 AM to 3:45 PM


RBT Conference Center
One Acton Place
Acton, MA 01720

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Engaging Adult Learners: Designing and Delivering Impactful Learning Experiences


Many districts rely on their veteran teachers to deliver professional development experiences for their faculty. It may feel like a daunting prospect for teachers to provide professional development to a room of their peers: they can alleviate those fears by employing adult learning theory. When teachers and coaches who are tasked with facilitating professional development use research-based adult learning theories, they can have a greater impact on changing teacher practice. The Research for Better Teaching course Skillful Facilitation is a distillation of the most effective tools and strategies that can be wielded by veteran teachers and coaches to deliver high-quality professional development.

RBT's Skillful Facilitation is offered by DeNelle West, the RBT Director of Professional Development and a Learning Forward Coach. Skillful Facilitation is a program designed to help you plan and deliver an impactful professional learning experience that engages and excites your participants. Applying the same RBT approach to Areas of Performance, Repertoire, and Matching, Skillful Facilitation employs the same philosophy to construct learning experiences for adults.

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  • Administrators
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Facilitators


During this 4-day course, attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate the power of professional reflection through connecting current beliefs to professional growth goals.
  • Explore their content to appropriately shape experiences that lead to increased participant knowledge and skills.
  • Identify and use strategies to tackle resistance.
  • Identify the degree of change in participant knowledge, skill, and behavior.
  • Understand the shifting roles to play in order to effectively engage an audience and guide them through learning.
  • Build relationships with participants by understanding emotional intelligence and moves that enlist support.
  • Select and apply appropriate protocols and experiential activities to deeply engage participants.
  • Collaborate with peers regarding your plans for professional development.
  • Share and receive feedback on your plans.

24 Hour Program 

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Christina has worked in urban education for the past eighteen years as a classroom teacher, trainer and middle school administrator.  She has designed and implemented a school-wide professional development program, as well as coached new and emerging teachers in all disciplines. Her particular...Full Bio