Professional Development at RBT

Open Programs: Skillful Teaching

Coached - Making Student Thinking Visible (MSTV Coached 21-103) Online

Dates: Jul 1, 2020 to Oct 31, 2020
Self-paced online course
Location: Virtual
Current Status: Open
Making Student Thinking Visible Online Course

RBT is re-launching their online course "Making Student Thinking Visible", described below.

In this 45-hour online course you will learn skills used to Make Students Thinking Visible (MSTV). You will hear from Jon Saphier, founder and president of Research for Better Teaching, Inc., and Lucy West, Founder of Metamorphosis TLC, on the concepts, embedded values, and operating principles of MSTV. You will explore in depth these principles and practice building a robust talk environment that builds student confidence and extends

Instructor: Althea Terenzi
Price (per person): $575.00

Lesson Planning for the Virtual Classroom (21-117) Virtual

Dates: Aug 13, 2020
Times: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Location: Virtual
Current Status: Open

How do skillful teachers translate effective lesson design from the physical classroom to the virtual one? How do teachers maximize learning and engagement of our students? Drawing from the extensive research on the critical components of well-structured lessons, we will map the key questions for designing virtual learning and provide both the tools and exemplars to guide participants in applying concepts to their own practice. Along the way, we will model the same tools and interactive techniques that are at the heart of skillful lesson design.

Instructor: Reena Freedman
Price (per person): $75.00