Professional Development at RBT

In-District Programs

RBT offers a portfolio of professional learning opportunities in the areas of teaching, school leadership, and the effective use of student data. The programs listed below are a sample of the many programs RBT delivers on-site in schools or districts. Customized professional development experiences, on-site coaching, or consulting in these topics to meet specific needs may also be requested. For more information about these and other opportunities to partner with RBT, please email or call +1(978)263-9449. Also check the Open Enrollment Programs for scheduled sessions and Online Programs for the Making Student Thinking Visible course.

Skillful Teaching

Creating an Effective Classroom Environment

For beginning teachers and those looking to enhance their skills, focuses on identifying and implementing the elements that need to be in place for a classroom to run smoothly and productively, how to make every student feel visible and valued, and how to problem solve when disruptions occur.
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Studying Skillful Teaching: Promoting Motivation, Learning, and Achievement (SST)

For teachers, RBT’s cornerstone program for building their capacity to improve their daily practice and students’ achievement through lesson planning, high expectations, formative assessment, and cultural proficiency. Includes development of a common language related to the knowledge base on teaching and each state’s professional standards.
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The Collaboration Teacher Model

The Collaboration Teacher Model, is a model of job-embedded learning to support schools and districts seeking to build a robust talk environment in each classroom. Learn More

Skillful Leadership and Coaching

Analyzing Teaching for Student Results (ATSR)

For leaders to learn how to zero in on high-leverage teaching strategies that make a difference in student learning. Includes examination and use of a common language and concept system, the development of skills for classroom observation, and the capacity to  identify and provide results-oriented reports and feedback that are credible and convincing.
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Coaching for Sustainable School Improvement (CSSI)

For instructional coaches to strengthen their coaching skills based on a partnership approach. Features the use of classroom video in the coaching relationship and incorporates the work of leading coaching expert Jim Knight.
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Differentiated Conferencing

For supervisors and coaches to develop the knowledge and skills to conduct meaningful and actionable conversations with teachers who are at different levels of professional maturity. Develops a repertoire of skills from non-directive to directive and even to particularly difficult that empower supervisors and coaches to grow their conferencing skills and match their clients with just-right approaches.

Taking Action to Improve Ineffective Instruction

For school and district leaders to learn how to diagnose problems, communicate effectively, and draw on a repertoire of interventions to improve the quality of teaching. Samples strategies and approaches from the handbook by Platt and Tripp, Strengthening Teacher Evaluation: Taking Action to Improve Ineffective Instruction, aka The Skillful Leader III (2014).
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Using Multiple Data Sources to Evaluate Teaching for Student Results 

For evaluators to learn how to use multiple data sources in their ratings of teacher performance to provide a comprehensive picture of a teacher and team practices and their connection to student learning.

Skillful Data Use

Data Coaching: Unleashing the Power of Collaborative Inquiry

For Data Coaches and school/district leaders of Data Teams to learn how to lead a structured process of collaborative inquiry that increases professional community, effective uses of data, and student achievement. Based on The Data Coach’s Guide to Improving Learning for All Students: Unleashing the Power of Collaborative Inquiry (Corwin Press, 2008) by Love, Stiles, Mundry, and DiRanna.
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Formative Assessment for Results: A Team Approach (FAR)

For coaches, teacher leaders, teacher team facilitators, and administrators supervising coaches or teams to learn how to maximize the power of formative assessment by making its effective use the focus of teacher teamwork.
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