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Coached - Making Student Thinking Visible (MSTV Coached 21-100) Online


Tuesday, Sep 1, 2020 to Wednesday, Jun 30, 2021
Self-paced online course; rolling enrollment



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Making Student Thinking Visible Online Course

In this 45-hour online course you will learn skills used to Make Students Thinking Visible (MSTV). You will hear from Jon Saphier, founder and president of Research for Better Teaching, Inc., and Lucy West, Founder of Metamorphosis TLC, on the concepts, embedded values, and operating principles of MSTV. You will explore in depth these principles and practice building a robust talk environment that builds student confidence and extends their capacity to manage discussions. Along the way you will learn about teaching habits that have to change and about the preparation and planning needed to fully integrate MSTV into your classroom. 

Take the course for credit.

This option includes interaction with a coach who provides feedback on assignments including a mid-course evaluation and capstone final projectThe course should be completed within four months

Participants successfully completing all course requirements are eligible for three graduate credits, continuing education units (CEUs) or 67.5 Professional Development Points (PDPs) (in MA only).  If the participant opts for graduate credits, an additional cost of $385 is required, which will be payable directly to the issuing university.

Cost: $575 per participant      

To register larger groups of teachers, please call (978) 893-0109 or email to reach an RBT Client Services Representative who can assist you with your registration.




Participants completing all program requirements can optionally receive three graduate credits for an additional fee paid directly to the issuing university. Registration information will be given on day 1 of the course.


Althea Terenzi

Althea has worked in urban public education for more than ten years. As a high school English teacher, she has led her department’s Professional Learning Group, chaired various committees, and served on the Cultural Competency Team. She helped design and implement the school’s advisory program and has coached the faculty on Making Student Thinking Visible for four years. Althea has presented at local and national conventions and has served on advisory boards for public education organizations. Her areas of interest include student-centered learning, restorative justice, and anti-racist...Full bio.