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ATSR Refresher: Strengthening Instructional Leadership in Observing and Analyzing Teaching for Student Results (20-262)


Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020


8:33 AM to 3:33 PM


Research for Better Teaching
One Acton Place
Acton, MA 01720

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School and district administrators and instructional coaches who have completed the course Analyzing Teaching for Student Results, and have been integrating ATSR ideas and strategies into their daily work for at least a year. Participants are encouraged to attend as a school or district team.  


The workshop is designed for leaders who want to strengthen their courage, deepen their knowledge, and refine their skills in engaging teachers in examining the impact on student learning of the decisions they make. The workshop provides both a review of the ideas and strategies of Analyzing Teaching for Student Results and a reflection on our current individual and collective strengths and challenges of giving teachers feedback and support that impacts student learning. In addition to analyzing recent coaching notes, informal observation reports, and/or teacher evaluation reports, participants will assess their current practices in light of their commitment to shift the focus of giving feedback from teachers’ moves to the impact of teachers’ decisions on student learning. The process of self- and team-assessment will lead individuals and, where appropriate, for teams to develop plans for improvement. Specifically we will provide resources for collecting data from multiple sources, analyzing data including observational data, and providing capacity-building responses to teachers that lead to improvements in student learning. 


As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will be able to…

  • Assess current practices and generate specific ways in which you will influence the shift the focus of the professional culture from teaching to learning 
  • Apply the principles of feedback to the process of engaging teachers in examining their practices in order to improve student learning
  • Assess current practices and develop a plan to strengthen the following aspects of analyzing teaching to improve student results:  
    • Observation: observing and collecting the most important data about teacher decision-making and student learning, including interviewing students and examining student tasks/work 
    • Data Analysis: analyzing the literal notes and other data for degree of student learning and for the presence of absence of high leverage practices 
    • Writing with Balanced Analysis: writing a CEIQ/J that focuses on the most important evidence to share with the teacher about student learning and the decisions that s/he made 
    • Student Learning Conference: planning and conducting a Student Learning Conference that examines student work as evidence of learning, provides evidence-based feedback that builds teachers’ knowledge, and prompts reflection and planning for next steps

7 Hour Program

For questions, please contact us at or (978) 893-0109. 





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