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Sue Szachowicz on Being Vulnerable and Strong at the Same Time

Sue Szachowicz discusses the need for school leaders and administrators to strongly adhere to the core values, while still remaining open to questions, concerns, and new ideas.

How to Observe a Class

Performing a good observation of a class is a nuanced task that requires keen skills and more than just a checklist. This video outlines the steps to do to perform a successful observation of a class that gathers data on student learning. It includes what to look for, what kinds of interactions to have during the class, what form of notes to take, and how to prepare for the conference after the class.

How to Make Decisions that Transform Your Leadership and Organization

This course will help you acquire the mind-and-skill set required to make decisions that continuously transform your own leadership and your organization. To achieve this ambitious end, it must be unlike any course you have taken, and it will be.

Paul Kelleher Describes the Impact of Barry Jentz's Course

Dr. Paul Kelleher, Chairman, Department of Education, Trinity College, discusses the impact of Barry Jentz's work on his professional and personal life.