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Planning: Content Planning Conference

These six chapters make the case that digging deeply into one's content and analyzing the ideas in that content produces better lessons if one takes the time to do it. But in addition to becoming an individual habit of mind for planning, these content- focused conversations are very beneficial when pairs or groups of educational professionals have them together.

Curriculum Planning: Planning/Error Analysis and Reteaching

The intent of these clips is to develop individual habits of using formative assessment to design reteaching the next day. But going through the cycle with a team that shares content can provide deep understanding of student learning difficulties and thus augment one's ability to do the cycle on one's own.

Objectives: Kid Friendly Language: "Word Problems," Grade 3 Mathematics

This clip shows what it looks and sounds like when a teacher communicates learning objectives to students in student-friendly language, and does so in a way that acknowledges difficulty but expresses confidence they can all get it. The clip and the downloadable scripts are designed as a focused and concrete professional develop activity for individual teachers or groups.

Assessment: Effective Feedback - High School Art

In this video, Ms. Seibold demonstrates the attributes of effective feedback during instruction in a series of vignettes with individual students in her ceramics class.

Learning Experiences: Framing and Differentiation: "My Favorite Part" - High School Mathematics

In this clip, Mr. Herrmann uses a pre-assessment to identify groupings for reteaching. It shows how he manages the extension/enrichment work the other students will do while he teaches the three small groups. It also shows how to frame reteaching as an opportunity rather than as a remedial experience. He is sending the three key expectations messages: This is important. You can do it. And I won't give up on you.