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RBT June 2020 Newsletter - Equity in Education


RBT May 2020 Newsletter - Virtual Pedagogy and More


RBT April 2020 Newsletter - Opportunities to Connect


RBT March 2020 Newsletter - Supporting you in a transition to online teaching and learning

  • A list of RBT online resource
  • ​Videos, articles, and websites to support online education


RBT February 2020 Newsletter - Culturally Responsive Teaching

  • Zaretta Hammond weighs in about Decolonizing, Not Just Diversifying your Library.
  • Several videos, resource links, and books about culturally responsive teaching and cultural competence are shared
  • RBT's summer open enrollment courses were announced


RBT January 2020 Newsletter - Personal Relationship Building

  • RBT's Chris Olansen-Rilli asks us how much we really know about our students
  • Several video and resource links on building relationships with students are shared


RBT December 2019 Newsletter - How to Keep the Learning Going After the PD is Over 

  • RBT's Pat Wiedel and Laura Cooper write about how to engage in learning beyond a professional development workshop.
  • Former Lake Zurich Assistant Superintendent Jodi Wirt shares how her district committed to a consistent vision and feedback.
  • Prince Edwards Middle School Principal Thomas Foster shares how he organized his school's learning around a common language.


RBT November 2019 Newsletter - Building A Sustainable Coaching Program

  • RBT's Mary Ann Haley and Deb Reed share their experience working with districts to create instructional coaching positions designed to support teachers and the complexity of their work. 
  • Three district coaches from Springfield, Oregon share their experience of establishing a coaching program.


RBT October 2019 Newsletter - Parent Engagement

  • RBT's Reena Freedman speaks about the importance of creating a partnership with parents.
  • Educators from Mundelein, IL share how they use technology to stay connected with students' families.
  • A Mundelein educator gives examples of how her school uses events to engage parents.
  • Oak Park, IL Director of Student Services speaks about how her district reaches out to connect with parents of special needs students. 

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