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  • RBT Consultant Rick Rogers shares some breathing and mindfulness tips
  • Several websites and resources on self-care for teachers are shared
  • Link to next webinar in the Free Webinar Series: Beyond Symbolism
  • RBT open enrollment offerings are included
  • Jon Saphier shares RBT's thoughts on education as the most powerful durable and deeply effective force for collapsing income inequality, combatting racism, and building the social contract to make decisions for the common good.
  • Links to recordings of RBT's Free Webinar Series
  • Jon Saphier asks the question: Whenever we finally get back to school full time, what do we want to raise up or do more of because of what we’ve learned in these months?
  • Superintendent Peter Light's letter to families is shared
  • Kick-off to RBT's Free Webinar Series
  • A list of RBT online resource
  • ​Videos, articles, and websites to support online education
  • Zaretta Hammond weighs in about Decolonizing, Not Just Diversifying your Library.
  • Several videos, resource links, and books about culturally responsive teaching and cultural competence are shared
  • RBT's summer open enrollment courses were announced
  • RBT's Chris Olansen-Rilli asks us how much we really know about our students
  • Several video and resource links on building relationships with students are shared
  • RBT's Pat Wiedel and Laura Cooper write about how to engage in learning beyond a professional development workshop.
  • Former Lake Zurich Assistant Superintendent Jodi Wirt shares how her district committed to a consistent vision and feedback.
  • Prince Edwards Middle School Principal Thomas Foster shares how he organized his school's learning around a common language.
  • RBT's Mary Ann Haley and Deb Reed share their experience working with districts to create instructional coaching positions designed to support teachers and the complexity of their work. 
  • Three district coaches from Springfield, Oregon share their experience of establishing a coaching program.
  • RBT's Reena Freedman speaks about the importance of creating a partnership with parents.
  • Educators from Mundelein, IL share how they use technology to stay connected with students' families.
  • A Mundelein educator gives examples of how her school uses events to engage parents.
  • Oak Park, IL Director of Student Services speaks about how her district reaches out to connect with parents of special needs students. 

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