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RBT announces job search for Chief Operating Officer

C.O.O. Job Description

Research for Better Teaching

TITLE:                    Chief Operating Officer

REPORTS TO:         C.E.O.


  • Help RBT accomplish its social justice mission to ensure that every student in the US has a “High-Expertise” teacher
  • Insure high-quality communication about RBT’s mission, goals, direction, decision-making, plans for the future among consultants and between RBT’s central
  • Monitor the pulse of the organization, anticipating long-term needs and road blocks
  • Monitor the pulse of the education marketplace and public policy influences
  • Foster an open, collaborative, organizational culture
  • Seek and create business development and partnership opportunities
  • Keep the business profitable, ethical, and efficient


Exempt, Full-time


Client Services

  • Supervise and oversee client services, including an in-depth client intake process that leads to a clear identification of need; negotiation of contracts with districts; and strategically matching consultant assignments to clients with input
  • Provide high quality client management, with an emphasis on close communication with client districts and schools to ensure RBT is meeting client needs
  • Ensure maintenance of databases for all clients, contacts and mailing lists. Work with IT personnel and office staff to maintain client databases associated with services, products and marketing. Ensure that web-based support for RBT services are up-to-date, user-friendly, and used with proficiency by consultants
  • Supervise the Comptroller assigning revenue and expenses to categories for complex contracts
  • Manage the creation of RBT partnerships with other organizations in collaboration with the C.E.O.. Initiate, cultivate and formalize partnerships and a memorandum of understanding with outside organizations and groups
  • Supervise grant applications, RFP/Q responses, and proposal development including project evaluations

Program Planning, Development and Evaluation

  • Take the lead in responding to, organizing and developing written delivery plans for large-scale RFP/RFQ responses, grant proposals, large district systemic change efforts, and evaluation projects, serving as primary liaison to potential clients
  • Participate collaboratively with the Administrative Team on Systemic, Sustainable change Projects in school districts. Participate in conceptualizing the starting points, pace and sequence of each project, integrating RBT’s programs effectively into existing district and school initiatives before handing off project to an RBT Lead Consultant
  • Collect data regarding client needs to share with the Administrative Team to impact the design of current and potential products and services
  • Ensure that all systemic change projects incorporate a customized evaluation component to assess impact on educator practice and student achievement

Executive Leadership

  • Serve as a member of the Administrative Team, contributing to long-term planning, organizational-priority setting, organizational policies and procedure development, and problem resolution
  • Ensure high quality internal communication about RBT’s mission, goals, directions, plans and operations with RBT’s central office and off-site consulting staff
  • Participate in the design and implementation of staff retreats

Business and Internal Operations

  • Supervise (hire, coach, support, evaluate) the Director of Finance
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of annual budget.  Develop, review and analyze diverse financial reports (budget YTD, profitability of divisions, major projects and individual consultants, billing and collections, etc.) and take action and make adjustments as necessary
  • Ensure the Finance Department’s effective billing, collections, and life-cycle accounting of major projects to promote strong cash-flow and the generation of meaningful reports and data
  • Guide activities of accountant and Comptroller to ensure accurate and useful quarterly reports, allowing for analysis of profitability of divisions, profitability of projects, productivity of individual consultants, and budgeting adjustments
  • Serve as purchasing officer, negotiating leases; improvements and maintenance of physical plant; and significant contracts with vendors, contractors, and equipment providers
  • Negotiate publishing, royalty and distribution agreements with compatible authors and other organizations that distribute RBT products
  • Serve as human resources officer, ensuring that HR policies and procedures are up-to-date, codified in manuals, and correctly implemented; monitor internal professional development and performance management of office staff, working closely with Comptroller on benefits- and payroll-related issues
  • Recommend performance-based salary increases and bonuses for staff, and renew and revise annual contracts with staff and consultants
  • Supervise (hire, coach, support, evaluate) the Office Manager



  • Must have a minimum of eight years employment in public education
  • Must have a minimum of three years senior-level management (strategic and financial planning, supervision, budgeting, IT) experience in public education


  • A relevant master’s degree is required; a Ph.D. or Ed.D. is strongly preferred


  • Ability to relate effectively to a diverse set of education professionals and office staff
  • Experience with strategic planning
  • Strong contract negotiation and contract management skills
  • Experience in grant writing and/or fund raising
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


Interested, qualified candidates should send a resume and cover letter to