Pia Durkin Interview with Mass Insight

RBT's Pia Durkin speaks about her new book on district leadership, The Superintendent’s Work with Principals, Improving Instruction and Achieving Results This book presents candid, realistic, and valuable “go-to” resources for dealing with the range of responsibilities that comprise the work of high-level leaders.  Using a framework to help analyze a leader’s assets and barriers to spending productive time in classrooms, Pia focuses on her own work supporting, coaching, and supervising principals toward higher performance in working with the educators they lead. The strategies, tools, and examples within the book will clearly resonate with those who currently serve as superintendents, district leaders, and principals, as well as with those aspiring to take on these complex roles, and with the boards and programs who are charged with selecting them. 

Watch the interview here: http://www.massinsight.org/2020/07/14/an-interview-with-dr-pia-durkin/

Pia Durkin is an RBT Consultant.  Read more here