Jon Saphier interviewed in Creighton Journal of Interdisciplinary Leadership

Abstract from the article, which can be found here:

Dr. Jon Saphier is an international leader in education. His legend remains as he continues to expand on his Boston University’s ethnographic dissertation (1980), which later became the best-selling textbook, The Skillful Teacher (2008). Dr. Saphier has sustained his leadership position internationally by continuously advocating for best teaching practices worldwide. This paper contains an interview with Jon Saphier and analysis of his leadership practices. Dr. Saphier discusses his core values of leadership, his successful approach to change initiatives, leadership failures, and critical elements of effective leadership. Dr. Saphier continues to be a driving force in educational initiatives worldwide. His humble, yet strong, approach is the foundation of his leadership sustainability. Dr. Saphier continues to mold his legacy as an educational leader by publishing, consulting, researching, developing models of district improvement, creating alliances, keynote speaking, and inspiring future educators. Jon Saphier continues to be a driving force in effective international educational practices.