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Jon Saphier Presents to Cambridge School Committee

A proposal in May, 2014 of a comprehensive multi-year professional development initiative for Cambridge Public Schools called the High Expertise Teaching Project - available to view on video.

MSSAA PD Workshops 2014-2015

RBT to hold 2 workshops in Leadership & Evaluation strand. Register now!

Jon Saphier Launches Blog

Jon Saphier has just launched a personal blog at www.saphier.org to share current insights and enduring understandings he has learned from more than 40 years of teaching and working with schools and districts.

Characteristics of an Effective School District

Jon Saphier - July 2014: Professions with rigorous professional standards have nine characteristics. But certain conditions must be present in districts to make progress toward creating these characteristics.

How to Close Achievement Gaps

Jon Saphier - July 2014: Achievement gaps between white students and African-American, Latino, and poor white students is endemic in American society...Yet, hundreds of schools in this country serving disadvantaged children manage to get break-the-mold results...

Welcome to the NEW RBTeach.com

Research for Better Teaching is pleased to announce the launch of our new website.

Special Packages for The Skillful Leader Series

Now available are three packages of publications for The Skillful Leader series, with savings over purchase of individual books.

"15 Minutes to a Transformed Lesson"

ARTICLE – August 2013, “15 Minutes to a Transformed Lesson” with accompanying video - By Jon Saphier in Learning Forward’s Journal of Staff Development.

“The Power of Observation: 5 Ways to Ensure Teacher Evaluations Lead to Teacher Growth”

INTERVIEW – Winter 2013 “The Power of Observation: 5 Ways to Ensure Teacher Evaluations Lead to Teacher Growth” – Interview with Jon Saphier of RBT and Kim Marshall of New Leaders, by Valerie von Frank in Learning Forward's The Learning Principal, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 1, 4-7

“Unleash the Power of Data Through Collaborative Inquiry”

INTERVIEW - Fall 2012, Unleash the Power of Data Through Collaborative Inquiry – With Nancy Love, RBT Program Director, by Chris Baum in Learning Forward's Ontario Newsletter