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3 Coins in the Fountain for Instructional Equity

There are many approaches to restoring to children of color and children living in poverty the opportunities that have been denied them…opportunities for a fair chance at a good life in a school designed for equity. 

White Fragility vs Hard Truths


Lessons Learned in 2020


As the holiday season arrives, we wanted to salute the persistence, stamina, and amazing teaching as well as the caring you have offered your students and their families in this terrible time. American educators are right up there for gratitude with health care workers. 

Authority and Incentives

It is no wonder that success as a principal hinges on the ability to unite and focus rather than command and control. 

Receive Them in Wonder


As veteran early childhood educators, we are often asked what we wished people knew about young children, what to look for in high-quality programs, and now, more than ever— how to support young children through these unprecedented times. Today, we would like to take a moment to humbly offer this timeless response: receive them in wonder.

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

Have you laughed yet today? Maybe with your students, your colleagues or, even better, at yourself? I certainly hope so. I hope that you’ve had a raucous belly laugh recently, one that leaves you breathless with tears running down your cheeks. One in which you forget, just for a moment, about any problems we may face. 

Motivation, Expectations, and Value

Written by Sue McGregor

Making the Shift to Virtual Lesson Design

As schools transition to re-open their doors, whether physically or virtually, one thing is clear: This is a time of immense and rich experimentation in schooling. Educators across the globe are collectively leveling up their repertoire to meet the need for more flexible instruction. And they are doing it in a wide variety of in-person, remote, and hybrid models. Amidst the inherent challenge that change poses, there are four guiding principles to help us through the transition:

Growth Mindset: The Importance of Schema

The Importance of Personal Relationship Building - Especially Now

Just how important is Personal Relationship Building (PRB) for student excellence, equity, and well-being?