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Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

Have you laughed yet today? Maybe with your students, your colleagues or, even better, at yourself? I certainly hope so. I hope that you’ve had a raucous belly laugh recently, one that leaves you breathless with tears running down your cheeks. One in which you forget, just for a moment, about any problems we may face. 

Motivation, Expectations, and Value

Written by Sue McGregor

Making the Shift to Virtual Lesson Design

As schools transition to re-open their doors, whether physically or virtually, one thing is clear: This is a time of immense and rich experimentation in schooling. Educators across the globe are collectively leveling up their repertoire to meet the need for more flexible instruction. And they are doing it in a wide variety of in-person, remote, and hybrid models. Amidst the inherent challenge that change poses, there are four guiding principles to help us through the transition:

Growth Mindset: The Importance of Schema

The Importance of Personal Relationship Building - Especially Now

Just how important is Personal Relationship Building (PRB) for student excellence, equity, and well-being? 

Leading During the Pandemic

If there are any lessons we have learned during this pandemic, it is how empathy, strong relationships and a "can-do" attitude can allay concerns and calm anxieties.  Effective leaders, though, do more than help others feel better.  They learn, make decisions, instill hope, and grow personal agency into a collective force. 

Five practices, adapted for the context facing our districts and schools, can serve as reminders:

The School as the Main Site for Teacher Learning

Pia Durkin Interview with Mass Insight

RBT's Pia Durkin speaks about her new book on district leadership, The Superintendent’s Work with Principals, Improving Instruction and Achieving Results This book presents candid, realistic, and valuable “go-to” resources for dealing with the range of responsibilities that comprise the work of high-level leaders.  Using a framework to help analyze a leader’s assets and barriers to spending productive time in classroom

One Good Thing Won't Make Enough Difference

One good thing won’t make enough difference.

On the interdependence of initiatives for equity in education

  • If I get teachers to understand racism more deeply and commit to ending it but don’t develop culturally responsive teaching and skillful teaching, it won’t make enough difference.

How Movements Succeed


Look over your shoulders, social justice advocates, and plan for the long term. 

Movements succeed when they manifest in law and policy. Demonstrations and measures of a shift in public opinion are benchmarks on the road, not evidence of the success of a movement.  Movements that succeed focus on organizing, advocacy, lobbying, and activism to reach policymakers.