Annual Visible Learningplus Conference - Joint Breakout Session


Jul 9, 2018


3:00 PM to 4:30 PM


Sheraton Grand Chicago
301 E North Water St
Chicago, IL 60611


Jon Saphier and DeNelle West


The Butterfly Effect: Expectations, Efficacy, and Empowerment

This year's theme of the Visible Learningplus Conference is "The Story Behind the Data."

  • Hear from top-tier practitioners on the critical impact that cultivating collective efficacy can have on your students, your classrooms and your schools.
  • Discover how to translate groundbreaking research into practice to build capacity and significantly improve learner outcomes by aligning all levels within your school or system.
  • Learn how to eliminate guesswork in the classroom and focus efforts on using the most influential instructional practices.
  • Gain insight into the latest learning innovations from world’s top educational leaders and learn how to apply them to maximize student potential.
  • Connect with educators who have direct experience putting Visible Learning methods into practice and explore what you can do to make a difference in your classroom.
  • Tap into the global Visible Learning education network that is changing the way we think and talk about teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Jon Saphier and DeNelle West will co-present The Butterfly Effect: Expectations, Efficacy, and Empowerment

Breakout Description:Imagine following a student throughout the day to note the words, actions, and structures that shape this child’s perspective on his or her ability to be successful in school. What would you learn from his or her academic story? Teams invest significant time unpacking standards and designing learning experiences for students. Dedicating a fraction of this time to focus on clarity of expectations and moves to shift mindsets is critical to creating equitable access for all students to learn. Learn how to:• diagnose student attributions for failure and success to foster the shifts in thinking that leads to achievement• name behaviors that shut down or open minds for learning• create classroom structures to support student agency and collective responsibility• implement daily instructional strategies for clarity and academic press• structure activities that foster positive interdependence and opportunities for student choice and voice How do our beliefs about teaching and learning impact our interactions with students each day? In this session we will also explore expanding the practice of teachers, coaches, and other school leaders in embedding high expectations in the culture of the school and the practice of all staff members. Participants will examine and discuss specific profiles of the daily practice of teachers who succeed at getting low-confidence, underperforming students to believe in themselves. In this session, participants will unpack the expectations messages students receive each day and how it impacts their academic engagement and performance. Learn strategies to communicate to all students this is important, you can do it, and I will not give up on you.