Annual Visible Learningplus Conference


Jul 10, 2018


10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


Sheraton Grand Chicago
301 E North Water St
Chicago, IL 60611


Jon Saphier


Trust and the Building of Strong Adult Professional Culture

This year's theme of the Visible Learningplus Conference is "The Story Behind the Data."

  • Hear from top-tier practitioners on the critical impact that cultivating collective efficacy can have on your students, your classrooms and your schools.
  • Discover how to translate groundbreaking research into practice to build capacity and significantly improve learner outcomes by aligning all levels within your school or system.
  • Learn how to eliminate guesswork in the classroom and focus efforts on using the most influential instructional practices.
  • Gain insight into the latest learning innovations from world’s top educational leaders and learn how to apply them to maximize student potential.
  • Connect with educators who have direct experience putting Visible Learning methods into practice and explore what you can do to make a difference in your classroom.
  • Tap into the global Visible Learning education network that is changing the way we think and talk about teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Jon Saphier will present Trust and the Building of Strong Adult Professional Culture

Breakout Description
Our learning at RBT, supported solidly by the research, is that there will be no sustainable improvement in student results and no elimination of the achievement gap until leaders and teachers succeed in strenghtening twelve key norms of behavior between adults. The foundation of the leaders’ ability to build these norms is trust. This session will address the specifics of how leaders build trust and create an environment for staff of non-defensive self-examination of practice in relation to student results. Many other elements of school practice count, and count heavily (good curriculum; community support; resources; school structures like induction and teacher leadership and common planning time; and others.) But no matter how well these important areas are structured, they will not accomplish on their own what we need for students unless we build a strong adult culture.

Only leaders can make this so. And it has to start from the top.

“School culture” has many meanings. The meaning we focus on here is the culture for the adults, not the students, because the professional relationships of the adults have a tremendous bearing on what life is like for students. The adult culture is the main shaper of the school’s capacity as an organization to learn and improve its results for students. And trust is the catalyst. In this session we will unpack the “black box” of what successful trust builders do in day-to-day practice. 

Participants will be able to explain and recognize the twelve essential norms of Adult Professional Culture.

Participants will also have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment of their level of trust by colleagues and learn how to take steps to improve that level of trust.