Why Section

What RBT Does

RBT consultants are professional educators who draw from their own experiences as former administrators and classroom teachers. They have long-term consulting relationships with school districts in Massachusetts and in numerous other states. During the current school year, RBT consultants are providing professional development programs in hundreds of districts. Recently, RBT has been working internationally, in particular with the country of Singapore that has adopted Studying Skillful Teaching for all its first-year teachers.

  • RBT offers programs for teachers to support their professional growth, strengthen collegiality and encourage experimentation through direct study of the knowledge base on teaching and development of peer coaching skills.
  • RBT works with evaluators and school leaders to enhance their individual leadership skills and to develop a set of durable, meaningful system-wide structures for creating a professional growth cycle that includes teacher supervision and evaluation.
  • RBT coaches leaders on strategies for change and procedures that strengthen school culture and organizational effectiveness at all levels.
  • RBT trains data coaches and data teams.
  • RBT publishes books and produces products and videos of interest to educators, focusing on teaching, leadership, and school culture.
  • RBT helps districts build in-house professional development capacity to ensure skillful teaching and implement teacher evaluation systems.

Our Vision:

We will have knowledgeable educators who believe in children, and who are working in schools with strong cultures and structures for professional practice.