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About RBT

Research for Better Teaching (RBT) is a professional development organization dedicated to improving classroom teaching and school leadership. Founded in 1979 by Jonathon D. Saphier, Ed.D., RBT works to strengthen organizational culture and to institutionalize the study of teaching within schools and throughout school districts. Dr. Saphier is co-author of The Skillful Teacher: The Comprehensive Resource for Improving Teaching and Learning – a widely acclaimed resource book in teacher training courses and RBT staff development courses.

RBT has the longest and most successful track record of any professional development provider in the United States for developing teacher evaluation systems (since 1982.) These evaluation systems accomplish the overall improvement of instruction and the strengthening of school culture while at the same time building the skill and courage to dismiss low-performing teachers. We work under contract to the school districts themselves, supervise the complex process of developing the evaluation system with involvement of all stakeholder groups, and, importantly, deliver in-depth skill training and certification of evaluators on the skills of evaluation.